We have responded to literally thousands of angry people every single week for over 2 years who were not interested in the truth, but who wanted to place blame on someone for receiving spam mail. Well, you blamed us. You sent us nasty messages and demanded that we stop the spam. You threatened to hunt us down. You threatened to kill us... You called and hung up on us. You called and started screaming at us as soon as we answered the phone. Even after we politely explained that we were not the source of your problem, you called us liars and reported us to the BBB... Then you continued to call and leave us nasty threatening messages.

You became too difficult to deal with, so on January 1, 2015, we closed our business after 19 years of service to the radio and television broadcast industry. That's right... You ran the wrong people out of business. Congratulations. Now, there are 21 people who are without jobs. Below is a list of people who have done NOTHING to you whose lives have been ruined at the hands of lazy people who couldn't be bothered to take the time to research the solution to their own problems. The solution, by the way has been staring at you the whole time. There is a working link somewhere in your spam mails that tells you how to unsubscribe IN ADDITION to the big "Unsubscribe" link that takes you to a web page of wrong codes. Read the WHOLE THING - including the small print.

Think about these people and their families when you sit down to dinner tonight. Several of them have lost everything they own.

Jon Abernathy - 4 years of service  (Unemployed)
Robert John - 9 years of service (Unemployed)
Stephanie Estelle -3 years of service (Unemployed)
Jeff Rothman 12 years of service (Unemployed)
Shirley Huffman -2 weeks of service (Unemployed)
Jackson McAbe 18 years of service (Unemployed)
Dallas Carter -12 years of service (Unemployed)
Sonya Burns -11 years of service (Unemployed)
Mike Curtis -15 years of service (Unemployed)
Fred Shaw -17 years of service (Unemployed)
Holly Jennings -17 years of service (Unemployed)
Jonathan Bruner -16 years of service (Unemployed)
Joseph Hall -12 years of service (Unemployed)
Gabriel Holmes -10 years of service (Unemployed)
Rachel Williams -3 years of service (Unemployed)
Misti Perry -2 years of service (Unemployed)
Paul Christiansen -17 years of service (Unemployed)
John Hartshorn -18 years of service (Unemployed)
Marshall Armstrong -2 years of service (Unemployed)
Tim Wallace -9 months of service (Unemployed)
Steve Christopher -16 years of service (Unemployed)

And an additional 22 freelance voice actors, writers, camera operators and studio professionals we used on an almost daily basis.


Now... Get lost.